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Carretera de Formentor, s/n


It is most common in this point for people to get together to witness the spectacular moment when the sun sets over the Mediterranean.

The Creueta viewpoint or the Colomer, located in the Nao end of the Formentor Peninsula, is an essential stop in the road that takes you to the lighthouse. When we arrive at the enclosure we are welcome by the monument to Antonio Parietti Coll, the engineer who devised the road as well as the viewpoint. Located at more than 200 meters high, the viewpoint offers some spectacular sights of the Serra de Tramuntana and to the Mediterranean, particularly in the evening. It is common that people meet there to witness the spectacular moment when the sun sets over the sea.

From here you can see El Colomer islet, symbol of the Tramuntana range wild coast, which is 112 metres high above sea level and 300 metres long. The painters from the school of Pollença and many others who have visited the place since the end of the 19th century have infinitely immortalized this fascinating landscape.

From this point several hiking trails set off, as for example the one which goes to the Albercuix watchtower, which can also be seen from that viewpoint.

The Albercuix watchtower, located 380 metres above the sea level, is part of the fortified and armed towers system which were built in the island at the end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th centuries because of the rise of the pirate actions lived in the Mediterranean and perpetrated by characters like Barbarossa. Thanks to that system of watchtowers if a danger could be perceived from this or from any other tower, signals were sent -smoke signals during the day or fire signals at night- which were transmitted from tower to tower until they arrived to the city of Palma, at the other end of the island, so that some troops from there could be sent over.


Before leaving, check the status of the road network in real time in the incident viewer for Majorca roads. Information on traffic regulation at the Formentor lighthouse.