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The Bay of Pollença stands out for its beauty and its crystal clear waters, an environment that falls in love with all who visit it and want to enjoy the sea.

The Bay of Pollença is an ideal setting for beginners in sailing and other nautical sports, such as windsurfing, canoeing, cruise regattas or kayaks, as it has protected waters that facilitate practice of these sports and at the same time provide safety.

Activities such as canoeing and sailing (cruising or light sailing) can be done at different levels, from simple beginner classes to participation in the different regattas that, every year, it organizes the Real Club Nàutic Port de Pollença (RCNPP) or those held periodically by the Flying Fifteen sailing class, which annually attracts a large number of fans from all over the world to our coast.

Also, and in view of the growing number of fans of this practice, important fishing competitions are organized by the RCNPP, while training courses are taught and responsible fishing is promoted, through educational work in collaboration with different NGOs .

Calendar of competitions


Trofeo Stiu (abril)
Verge del Carme (july) 
Colonya (september)


Formentor (june)
Hugh Wilson (june) 
Campeonato de Baleares (july)
ScandyCup (july)
Australia (september)  


Sabatinas (2n saturday each month) 
Travesía a Ciutadella, (abril) 
Bahía Pollença (maig)
Cormorán (agost)
Interclubs (octubre)