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Festival de Pollença

Since the Festival de Pollença began in 1962 at the hands of distinguished English violinist Philip Newman, more than eight hundred of the finest artists have performed for us at the Claustre de Santo Domingo, a historic venue that exudes awe-inspiring beauty and provides excellent acoustics, the perfect setting for enjoying music under a starry night sky.

The 62st Festival de Pollença continues the historical legacy of this event, which has become unmissable for both the locals and for those who come to visit our town during the month of August.

Pollença City Council has wanted to continue promoting its festival that proudly celebrates its 62st edition in 2023, and can also boast of continuing to be one of the most notable festivals on the summer scene of our country, cultural reference and unavoidable appointment for all lovers of these first-class musical encounters, who find in the villa in Pollença much more than a magnificent offer of sun and beach.