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Photography studio, video and design

We offer comprehensive visual image services.
We are a young company with a long history in the photography, videography and visual design sector.
We offer photography stills services, audiovisual productions, aerial photography with drone, 360º photography to have a live experience of the place that you want to make known.

We work both for the business sector; tourism (hotels, vacation homes, restaurants, small businesses), architecture, products, company events, as well as for the private sector (weddings, baptisms and communions), family books, pregnancy, youth and children.

In business photography we look for images that communicate their values, either of the people who work in it, or of the facilities, we also develop conceptual images, which convey an emotion, a concept or idea that you want to communicate.

On the other hand, we hold product sessions; for ecommerce, or to display on the web and other graphic communication elements: brochures, displays, etc...

For photography events we accompany you on the important occasions of your life, capturing the best moments and emotions, since they are unique and unrepeatable. We tell your story in pictures to help you create history. In addition, being used to, we advise and support you so that you feel comfortable, safe and can enjoy the moment and session.

We have a 60-year-old image bank for both advertising and decorative use. In addition, we complement photography with design services where we help define your brand image, printing and finishes.

If you have a professional project and need to define your brand and graphic image for a project or service, we will help you find it and translate it into different media; cards, brochures, banners, displays, social networks, web, etc. We also have a printing and finishing service.

For personal projects we make books of your photographs in a personalized way, taking care of the details. We can also offer you the design of your invitations, reminders, bookmarks, etc.
We have a small detail shop, where we offer services printing in small and large format, custom frames,  products to customize, frames and albums. NIE photography and other official documents. Transfering films and photographs to digital format. 

At Micer we address each order, project or request individually and personalized. We study each order to find the best option for you or your project.
Ask us and discover our world of possibilities.

Sant Isidre, 13A
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