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Cala Estremer, a small cove of wild beauty

Cala Estremer is situated at thirteen kilometres from Pollença, surrounded by high and steep cliffs called Punta de l'Àguila, where there is a cave of eight metres which reaches the sea, and the abrupt rocky areas of Punta Galera.
This deep u-shaped sea inlet finishes on the mouth of different torrents, where even in the summer there is water flowing from a canyon that leads to the Mediterranean sea, forming a small virgin beach, with a wild beauty. There is no sand, but pebbles, stones and gravel instead.

The marine and underwater conditions do not recommend anchoring boats because of the danger of running aground, and this would be worse due to the very deep stony ground on this stretch of coast of Pollença, together with the strong wind blowing from the north and northeast. The depth ranges from 3,5 metres at 50 metres from the coast to 10 metres at one and a half hectometres from the beach. The nearest port facilities are located at Port de Pollença, at 17,4 nautical miles.

The accessibility by car is easy until the village of Cala Sant Vicenç following the signs. Here you will start a difficult and dangerous walk. The very steep path winds its way down on a torrent that flows into the sea on this beach. This is why you are recommended to reach the beach on the seaway with a small boat.

These characteristics explain that the beach is a very isolated breathtaking place.

GPS: 39.9302,3.0386