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Cala Figuera, near the cape of Formentor

This spectacular u-shaped sea inlet finishes on a beach between cliffs, those on the right side are steep, stony and very high, and those on the left side are sandstone, not so high and not so steep. At the rear you can see es Fumat (334 metres high).

This beach is covered by sand and pebbles, with some rests of posidonia, and you will see that the water of a torrent flows into the sea in this area. in front of the coastline there are two big rocks. The vegetation is scrubland with lentisc, small palms as well as bushes. The pine trees are only on the top of the cliffs.

The marine and underwater conditions are dangerous for anchoring boats if the wind blows from the north or northeast. The depth ranges from five metres at two hectometres from the coast to three metres at one and a half hectometres from the beach on a sandy and stony ground. You are recommended to leave the two small islands on port side. At 10,2 nautical miles there is Port de Pollença.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. The beach is next to the road from the breathtaking Cap de Formentor (about 200 metres above the sea level) with wonderful panoramic views, and is not very crowded. You are recommended to descend on foot the last 1.400 metres on a dusty and stony track in bad conditions.


Before leaving, check the status of the road network in real time in the incident viewer for Majorca roads. Information on traffic regulation at the Formentor lighthouse.

GPS: 39.9519,3.1736