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Discover the fishermen's harbour and the sea promenade  

Port de Pollença is the second biggest town in the area of Pollença.

The main square of the Port, surrounded by trees, is dedicated to the musician and composer Miquel Capllonch i Rotger. One element of note here is the wind-rose located in the centre of the floor of the square.
On the edge of the square we find the parish church dedicated to Our Lady of Carmen. It is a Neo-Gothic style church. If we take Ecònom Torres Street from the square we reach the Enginyer Roca Square. A little further on there are the port facilities, located in what is popularly known as the old wharf or fishermen’s pier. Alongside the traditional fishing boats or llaüts you will find the old fishermen’s marketplace.
The Royal Yacht Club building, also located on the old pier, remains very active in promoting sports. From the breakwater enclosing the harbour you can see the beautiful view of the Bay of Pollença, situated between Cape Formentor and the Cap del Pinar. The Punta de l’Avançada protects the port from storms and here you can see the remains of a seventeenth-century fortress: the Fortalesa, built between 1682 and 1692.

Also from the Enginyer Roca Square you can choose to go along the Saralegui Promenade or walk down the seafront along the Anglada Camarasa Promenade.

  • The Anglada Camarasa Promenade and the Voramar Promenade. The Anglada Camarasa Promenade is on the right hand side of the roundabout and at the end you will find a bust of the painter Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, promoter of the Pollença School of Painting. From there the walkway narrows and leads to the Voramar Promenade, which runs all the way along to the military airfield. This quiet and relaxing promenade is undoubtedly one of the most frequented.
  • The Saralegui Promenade is on the left of the roundabout and this street is home to the Fishermen's Association founded in 1944. On the other side of the street are the entrance channels for the boats. Following the beach along the pedestrians’ walkway we come to the area of Llenaira.

Nowadays Port de Pollença is an area with a huge touristic activity and with much to offer to the tourists.

GPS: 39.9047,3.0832