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Miquel Capllonch Square

Plaça de Miquel Capllonch, s/n

The square is just in the centre of Port de Pollença

The main square of Port de Pollença is a picturesque cobbled square, surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants. Every Wednesday the visitors and inhabitants go to the weekly market, where a great variety of food, crafts and clothes are sold 

At the west of the square there is the Mare de Déu del Carme Parish Church. The Mare de Déu del Carme (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) is the Patron Saint of sailors, fishermen and of all those who earn their living at the sea. From this parish, the figures of Sant Pere (Saint Peter) and the Mare de Déu del Carme go out once a year to be shipped in a maritime procession where most of the boats in the port participate. The train, formed by more than 40 boats decorated for the event (sailboats, llaüts and others), goes along the bay in honor to these two figures.

The square takes its name after a distinguished man from Pollença called Miquel Capllonch Rotger (1861 – 1935). This pianist and composer studied first in the Academy of Music of Madrid and then in the Academy of Berlin, where he became a good friend of the Russian Anton Rubinstein, one of his teachers. Capllonch’s talent took him to teach music to some of the members of the Prussian and Saxon royal families and to perform concerts for the European royalties of that time. In 1906 he married Gabriela Miteau and they had four children, among them, Francisco, who also became a piano player and who died in 1996. In 1912 Miquel Capllonch settled in Madrid with his family and later in Barcelona, cities where he was related with lots of people belonging to the artistic and cultural world. In Pollença, where he spent the summers, he became related with General Bosch, Miquel Costa i Llobera, Campins Bishop or Llorenç Cerdà. He finally came back to Pollença where he died in 1935.